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April 21−26, 2019, Saint Petersburg

9th International Seminar
on Fire and Explosion Hazards

Second announcement and call for papers
The 9th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards will be organized by the Autonomous Non-profit Organization "Fire and Explosion Safety" with the support by the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) and the Gefest company, St. Petersburg. During its more than 20-year history, the Seminar has become one of the important international events in fire and explosion science and engineering.
Researchers and practitioners in fire and explosion hazards are now cordially invited to submit papers to the 9th Seminar, which will present the latest developments in several topical areas emerging in a wide range of industrial applications and in the environment.

The Seminar agenda will include invited plenary lectures, oral presentations of the peer-reviewed papers, and a poster session. An extensive and flexible social program will provide exciting opportunities to enjoy the fascinating city of Saint-Petersburg for participants and accompanying persons.
Papers are invited in all areas of fire and explosion studies, mitigation and prevention, including but not limited to:
  • Combustion fundamentals of fires and explosions
  • Gas and dust explosions
  • Deflagration, DDT, detonation and their mitigation
  • Hydrogen safety
  • Industrial risk and sustainability
  • Material flammability and flame retardancy
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Combustion in microgravity
  • Fire modeling and computer codes
  • Critical and transient combustion phenomena (ignition, extinction, flame spread)
  • Industry-specific fire research: aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear, process industry
  • Wildland fires
  • Fire toxicity and pollutants
  • Evacuation
Plenary lectures
Mikhail Tyurin
Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center,
Star City, Moscow Region, Russia
ISS Expeditions 3, 14, and 38/39
Time in space 532 days, 2 hours, 50 minutes
Fire safety in space flight: experience and strategy
Geoffrey Chamberlain
Waverton Consultancy Ltd.
Visiting Professor University of Loughborough,
Shell Research Ltd., UK

Fire and explosion hazards in the oil industry: 50 years of investigations and research
Brian Lattimer

Vice President R&D

Using Machine Learning in Physics-Based Simulation of Fire
James Quintiere
Professor Emeritus
Fire Protection Engineering
University of Maryland, US
Scale Modeling in Fire.
A Review
Karl Meredith
Principal Research Scientist and
the Technical Team Leader for Fire Modeling
FM Global, US
Fire suppression modeling with Computational Fluid Dynamics: state of the art
Christophe Proust
INERIS, Accidental Risk Division
Fire and explosion safety in hydrogen containing processes: state of the art and outstanding questions

Full papers and work-in-progress posters are invited.
Detailed instructions are provided in Submission page of the website.
Awards will be granted for the best papers and posters presented by students and young researchers.


Peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be included in the Book of the Seminar Proceedings in the hardcopy and USB format. The extended versions will be invited for publication in the special issues of Fire Safety Journal, Combustion Explosion and Shock Waves, and International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. These journals are indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

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8 February 2019

21-26 April 2019
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oral presentation
12 April 2019
Early registration
25 March 2019
For the paper(s) to be included
in the Book of Proceedings and in the ISFEH9 program
Seminar committees
International Organizing Committee

Chair: A. Snegirev (Russia)

Co-Chairs: D. Bradley (UK), D. Drysdale (UK), V. Molkov (UK), F. Tamanini (USA)

Members: N. Chaumeix (France), R. Dobashi (Japan), N.A. Liu (China), B. Merci (Belgium), E. Oran (USA), A. Pękalski (UK), J.G. Quintiere (USA), J. Torero (USA), K. Vågsæther (Norway)
Scientific Advisory Board

Chair: N.A. Liu (China)

Co-Chairs: D. Bradley (UK), N. Chaumeix (France), V. Molkov (UK), A. Snegirev (Russia), F. Tamanini (USA)

Members: P. Amyotte (Canada), P. Boulet (France), K. Boyce (UK), A. Brown (USA), R. Carvel (UK), M. Chaos (USA), P. Chatterjee (USA), W.K. Chow (Hong Kong), A. Coppalle (France), B. Dlugogorski (Australia), S. Dorofeev (USA), C. Fernandez-Pello (USA), C. Fleischmann (New Zealand), J. Franssen (Belgium), S. Frolov (Russia), A. Gavrikov (Russia), M. Gollner (USA), A. Hamins (USA), J. Hewson (USA), S. Hostikka (Finland), R. Hull (UK), B. Husted (Sweden), J. Ji (China), B. Karlsson (Iceland), J. Keller (USA), S. Kopylov (Russia), O. Korobeinichev (Russia), U. Krause (Germany), B. Lattimer (USA), J. Lee (Canada), J. Lei (China), D. Makarov (UK), A. Marshall (USA), R. McDermott (USA), V. Novozhilov  Australia), H. Phylaktou (UK), A. Rangwala (USA), G. Rein (UK), J. Rodrigues (Portugal), Y. Shebeko (Russia), A. Simeoni (USA), T. Skjold (Norway), S. Stoliarov (USA), J. Sun (China), F. Takahashi (USA), A. Teodorczyk (Poland), A. Trouvé (USA), P. Van Hees (Sweden), D. Viegas (Portugal), Q. Wang (China), Y. Wang (USA), J. Wen (UK), T. Wu (USA), S. Yakush (Russia)

Local Organizing Committee

Chair: A. Snegirev (ANO "Fire and Explosion Safety", SPbPU)

Co-Chair: L. Tanklevskiy (ANO "Fire and Explosion Safety", Gefest)

Members: E. Markus, E. Kuznetsov, K. Snegireva, O. Zybina
The conference is organized by
Autonomous Non-Profit Organization
"Fire and Explosion Safety"
Sponsored and supported by
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